Squids Web Service Level Agreement

Squids will use commercially reasonable efforts to maximize the availability of Squids.cn, and provides performance standards as detailed below. This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies to Squids.cn deployments that have been up for a minimum of 24 hours. We will provide at least 90 days' advance notice for adverse changes to this SLA.

As used herein, 'month' refers to a calendar month.
'Downtime' is calculated per Squids.cn cluster on a monthly basis and is the total number of minutes during the month that the entire Squids.cn cluster was unavailable. A minute is considered unavailable if all of your continuous attempts to establish a connection to the Squids.cn cluster within the minute fail. Downtime does not include partial minutes of unavailability or scheduled downtime for maintenance and upgrades.
'Monthly Uptime Percentage' is calculated per Squids.cn cluster on a monthly basis and is calculated as:
Any Squids cluster deployed for only part of the month is assumed to be 100% available for the portion of the month that it is not deployed.
Downtime does not include any performance or availability issue that results from:
  • Factors outside of our reasonable control, such as natural disaster, war, acts of terrorism, riots, government action, or a network or device failure at your site or between your site and Squids.cn;
  • Services, hardware, or software provided by a third party, such as cloud platform services on which Squids.cn runs;
  • You directly operate your cloud host without using the Squids.cn console;
  • Your or any third party’s (a) improper use, scaling or configuration of Squids.cn, or (b) failure to follow appropriate security practices.