Squids For ClickHouse

ClickHouse Service on Cloud
Utilizes user's own cloud resources to build a highly available, highly scalable ClickHouse database. Set up in minutes with our simple and efficient Squids platform.

Hosted on:

Google Cloud

Squids For ClickHouse Key Features

Squids For ClickHouse 基于云主机,云盘构建,充分利用了云盘冗余保护,灵活挂载的特点,让云上数据仓库更加经济,弹性,高效
arrow iconZero Data Copy Scaling
Using the flexible mounting feature of cloud disks, the cloud disk-cloud host correspondence is rearranged when scaling and shrinking, and zero-copy data expansion is realized
arrow iconCounting storage
Users can release cloud host resources when there are no computing tasks (cloud disk retention), and restore the cluster when running computing, saving costs
arrow iconMulti-Cloud
You can seamlessly switch between different preferred cloud providers while maintaining real-time data transmission
arrow iconSlow SQL Report
According to the time period, the database slow query SQL statistics table is provided to facilitate users to locate SQL performance
arrow iconPerformance Charts
Provide CPU/Memory/Transaction/Execution/IO/Network multi-dimensional performance curve