On-Premise Local Run
Just a docker run command, you can startup a dbmotion in your own environment,
It is writen in Go, little and smart.
# 下载镜像
docker network create dts-network && docker pull mysql:latest && docker pull squids/squids-dbmotion-tool-mysql:1.0.0 && docker pull squids/squids-dbmotion:1.0.0

# docker run 启动,访问地址 http://localhost:30000 (推荐 Chrome 浏览器)
docker run --name dts-mysql --network dts-network -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=dbmotion -d mysql && docker run --network dts-network -d -p 30000:3000 --name squids-dbmotion -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v /tmp/dbmotion:/tmp/dbmotion squids/squids-dbmotion:1.0.0
How to migrate an online database
without downtime?
Migrate time
does not affect business
downtime-yellow.pngSource DB
downtime-green.png1Migrate Structure
downtime-ciel.png2Initialize Full Data Migrate
downtime-blue.png2Capture Changed Data
downtime-purple.png3Apply Changed Data
downtime-pink4Online Data Check
downtime-yellow.pngTarget DB
downtime-red.png5Downtime switch, Short to seconds
downtime-arrow.pngThe Whole Time
Key Features of DB Motion
Easy to Use
Users only need to provide source/target db info, the whole process of structure migration, full data migration, changed data synchronization and data verification will run well, which is convenient for use
High Performance
Multi thread mode can be used to accelerate full migration, incremental synchronization and data verification
Almost Zero Downtime
Real time incremental data is captured and applied, and the whole migration process is carried out in the background without affecting the business operation
End to End Encryption
The entire migration link is encrypted end-to-end to ensure data security