Squids For MySQL

MySQL Service on Cloud
Utilizes user's own cloud resources to build a highly available, highly scalable MySQL database. Set up in minutes with our simple and efficient Squids platform.

Hosted on:

Google Cloud

Squids For MySQL Key Features

Squids For MySQL 基于公有云资源构建,让您的云上 MySQL 更加弹性,健壮;主要特性包括高可用 HA,多副本保护,快速灵活的克隆迁移等,诸多优点,便于您将更多精力聚焦于自身业务。
arrow iconHA Architecture
Supports two copies, three copies of data in High Availability architecture mode, automatic failover, and guarantees service continuity
arrow iconMulti-Cloud
You can seamlessly switch between different preferred cloud providers while maintaining real-time data transmission
arrow iconTLS/SSL
Supports TLS encrypted data transmission to ensure cloud data security
arrow iconFork Database
Online database cloning can flexibly select cloud providers and database configuration specifications. The cloning process does not affect the operations of the source database
arrow iconPoint-in-time Recovery
Provides database and transaction logs backup retention policy, supports online rebuilds or remote recovery, and supports accurate to 1 second point-in-time recovery
arrow iconCompress Backup
Combined with S3 and data compression technology, more backup sets can be reserved and flexible backup volume mount service can be realized
arrow iconRead-only Slave
Add and delete read-only instances online,expand read-only business pressure
arrow iconSlow SQL Report
According to the time period, the database slow query SQL statistics table is provided to facilitate users to locate SQL performance
arrow iconPerformance Charts
Provide CPU/Memory/Transaction/Execution/IO/Network multi-dimensional performance curve